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barks about and plays around with web stuff, has shots.


No Problemo

The crossposting plugin says there was a problem when there's not. I forget the confusion, there was a bit of a rodeo dance on setting up the plugin on both sides. But if I can get it working....


One of those Ed-tech Twitter Smackdownes

I forgot who it was who inspired this. Actually cross posting for Brian Bennett's benefit -  Bennettfit?


I Got This Known to Known Thing Down

Just be repeated clicking and cussing.


Me and Super Joaquin

A wiggle gif of selfie with our most awesome Manos de Santos driver in Guadalajara-- Joaquin.



Inspired by a tweet this morning ( it seemed like a media campaign needs to be born.

Viva los SPLOTS! http:?/


Wrap Me Some Rolls!

Introduced to some good local style Vietnamese food at Momma Pho (I think this is the right place?) With Curtis Ho, Bert and Mary Kimura, and Frank (sorry I missed last name). The Pho was Phenomenal.


Mr Microphone in Action @jozbfc

Jon Fulton animates his interest in top quality audio recording. Part if his You Show talk on audio storymaking


Blinkie #ds106 #dailycreate is an "eye selfie." Plural. And animated.

Today's is an "eye selfie". Plural. And animated.


Abbey Never Follows

This pretty much sums up Edward Abbey. Is it @Edward_Abbey or @Edward__Abbey ??

Dead and tweeting from at least two accounts, you fine desert rat.


Jimi Jimi

Spotted a hologrammish Jimi poster and could not resist making a twitchy gif.