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barks about and plays around with web stuff, has shots.


I can fondly remember a time back when nostalgia did not get such a bad rap ;-)

The alluring thing about the past we remember is not whether it was better or perfect, but that there is no uncertainty about it. Whether it's true or accurate matter not, but we have a perhaps sugar coated, but largely fixed, reliable perception of it. Compare that to peering into murky unknowns, the possible dangers ahead, it's no surprise the road we traveled looks good.

I'm not looking for any platform or tools or glued together (;-) tools to find that way forward. The answer is definitely between keyboard and chair. All of us.

No matter where I come across you- your blog, in your photos, your tweets, an email, when we are together, there is a "Darcy-ness" that comes across all the channels. Sure it's constructed over time, shared experiences, and is only my collage of you. But as it evolved, I can know it where-ever we interact. I've seen your son grow up, I have eaten on your house (and left hair in your shower). But the thing I can know for sure, and it's not just looking back, is that I can count on you if I needed to ask for something, and not just technical.

That's not nostalgia, that's more.

We seek these strong connections, but now we want to shortcut the process with "tools" and algorithms, and one click friendships. It's an illusion.

And I had no idea our connection through blogging was superficial! Short of my immediate family, my one close friend from high school, the most important people in my life are friendships forged through many different channels, over time. Time. And effort. And giving to others, and getting from others.

I agree it's not an answer to go "quiiter" (though I urge everyone to quit Facebook, that's just my hangup;-) nor just a "go back to blogging", but just do what you phrase as How to questions:

1) be meaningfully connected to people we care about, in various ways as appropriate
2) publish relevant bits of our own digital lives in a way that we maintain control and autonomy

We need not look for a "how to" but just a "do"-- in whatever platform, tool that works.

Seems pretty simple to me.


No Problemo

The crossposting plugin says there was a problem when there's not. I forget the confusion, there was a bit of a rodeo dance on setting up the plugin on both sides. But if I can get it working....


One of those Ed-tech Twitter Smackdownes

I forgot who it was who inspired this. Actually cross posting for Brian Bennett's benefit -  Bennettfit?


Your writing Adam, and Amy's too, is moving, and as Kate noted in twitter, its going beyond pulling the quotes from the book and postulating about education.

I sure know what you mean by living in the red zone; my county went 70% Republican, re-electing a US representative who has spent a career nitpicking President Obama and a rep in our state house who boasted on TV that the earth is only 6000 years old. Arizona spending on education is down near the bottom, our high school graduation rates are less than 50%. We get what we don't pay for. But we did extend a sales tax last election, and did something else to move money from sales of public lands into education.

Yet they are lousy bandaids and about as far as supporting, value a public education and and educated public as you can get.

You cannot characterize a swath of population by the way the electoral college fell. But I cannot even say I know what America is about, at any level. It's impossible to really take it in, and worse if you believe in polling.

I'm not even done with Chapter 2, but I am impressed with the times of the formative years for both Horton and Freire that there seemed to be more widespread belief in the potential for people to gain from education, that there was a belief that we could better society together. It was believable that to helping black and poor people to read, and unlocking the right to vote, would empower them.

It's hard to even see much of that spark anymore, that so many beliefs have been crushed, negated, that our society is mired with an unbearable weight of cynicism.

Different as different can be from the era of


Your way of responding connected to an ignite talk I watched this morning by the designer who blogs at -- if only the title "The best way to complain is to make things"


I Got This Known to Known Thing Down

Just be repeated clicking and cussing.


Can't say I've turned many thirsty horses around. I am not sure what that success would look like. I hope not for dramatic ahas but a slow chipping away.

I cannot speak for the people you are aiming at. I could make a long list of people I would hear from through the networks that I do not hear from anymore. I cold make a long list of former colleagues at Maricopa I considered on the friend side of colleagues that I never hear from anymore. There is just some amount of acceptance that relationships keep renewing or slowly fade to black. It's somewhat of a bitter pill I keep chewing on.

My example are cousins who are rabidly active in facebook. I am not terribly close, but it felt for a while it was the only way to know what was going on in their lives. Through messenger, one of them arranged a visit when they were in Phoenix a few years ago. Now the only message I ever get is she accidentally but dials me in Facetime. Her brother's stream was so full of ignorant racist reactions to news, I had to stop following him.

These are blood, and if asked I would likely help the put. But them, like many, I am ready to let go of IF the only way they would ever consider contacting me is FB. Not when they have my phone, my email, my postal address. Then again, maybe not the nest example.

It's more of a matter knowing what I desire, seeing what is likely, and finding some place to live with it. I'm letting go of a lot.


I wish I were not correct. I'd like to be more wrong.

Without knowing the ins and outs I too am disappointed that Mozilla orphaned old Thimble stuff. Well you can get to it, somewhere I was able to get to the old thimble to edit my stuff, though when I look now on their new site, it says my projects should be available but sadly they are not listed as promised under "my projects"

Oh wait here they are

it says they are migrating old projects over tomorrow, hah.

But I found your source, there is a URL in the page you tried for the iframe

grab that HTML while you can!

And congrats on the new position, Brian told me a little about it.


I'm both excited and a tad nervous that people are using the Assignment Bank theme for their own ideas, so thanks, Adam, for taking on the challenge... of challenges.

I have had some thoughts of something like an ability to create collections of bank items, that could be grouped, maybe sequenced, shared-- at one time I was thinking of playlists. At the same time, I don;t want to keep piling features on so it crumbles under its own weight and my spurious code capabilities.

So a cheap and easy way would be to use storify to connect the challenges you want to group together. Of course that rides on a third party service.

I can also see the way to build it within the bank theme-- a custom post type that can have a title, description, maybe its own category/tax taxonomy, and you somehow add the bank items (some kind of cart like thing? enter URLs? Select from a checkbox list?); all it would need to track is a list of item IDs in a post meta field.

I'm thinking of the bank myself for my new CC project, so have a reason to give the thing some attention. I have kept it away from users creating accounts, but that too might be an option to put in the mix.

Actually I have to fix the options panel still, the tabbed interface broke with a jQuery change. You can nudge me...


ZOMG this is cover genius, hits all the points, Commander FOTA!