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Can't say I've turned many thirsty horses around. I am not sure what that success would look like. I hope not for dramatic ahas but a slow chipping away.

I cannot speak for the people you are aiming at. I could make a long list of people I would hear from through the networks that I do not hear from anymore. I cold make a long list of former colleagues at Maricopa I considered on the friend side of colleagues that I never hear from anymore. There is just some amount of acceptance that relationships keep renewing or slowly fade to black. It's somewhat of a bitter pill I keep chewing on.

My example are cousins who are rabidly active in facebook. I am not terribly close, but it felt for a while it was the only way to know what was going on in their lives. Through messenger, one of them arranged a visit when they were in Phoenix a few years ago. Now the only message I ever get is she accidentally but dials me in Facetime. Her brother's stream was so full of ignorant racist reactions to news, I had to stop following him.

These are blood, and if asked I would likely help the put. But them, like many, I am ready to let go of IF the only way they would ever consider contacting me is FB. Not when they have my phone, my email, my postal address. Then again, maybe not the nest example.

It's more of a matter knowing what I desire, seeing what is likely, and finding some place to live with it. I'm letting go of a lot.