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barks about and plays around with web stuff, has shots.


Howdy Terry, trying to see if I remember how to comment from my known site to yours. I'm doin' my random commenting. I landed here via a link that serves up randomly selected ds106/western106 posts Your lucky/unlucky day.

I'm super glad you are in the mix, tossing media and wisdom, and even wrangling tweets. You got the Western attitude already!


Blinkie #ds106 #dailycreate is an "eye selfie." Plural. And animated.

Today's is an "eye selfie". Plural. And animated.


Things are going to start happening to me now. The Blogger.

Just in case you do not read the blog post ( here is the remix graphic I could not avoid making for it. It took a bit of photoshop mojo to extend the van a bit higher, leaving more room for the label on the truck.

All in a day's remix.


Keep in Reclaimin'

It's hip, man. Get with the movement. A riff (hopefully obvious) on the old Keep on Trucking bumper sticker. The back story is at