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barks about and plays around with web stuff, has shots.


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I want to buy into the hope too. If I give up dreaming of all bold promises because they seem unlikely, what do I dream for? And the nutjobs gaining attention across the fence are a nightmare.

I'm envious of $290 a month for healthcare. Being self-employed the ACA has been critical for me, because I am also diabetic. Those who wish to dismantle the plan, I guess are beneficiaries of employer paid plans that do not discriminate for those with prior conditions.

My insurance costs alone (I opted for lower deductible) are $570 and my other supplies bring my monthly health care costs to almost $800. I discovered in January, when everything is reset, that my insurance has separate deductible minimums for prescriptions (my insulin) than "durable medical equipment" (the replaceable parts for my insulin pump), so I doubled my monthly cost already in January.

I thought this was excessive until I researched and found my percentages to income are pretty average. A terrible average. The cost of arcane rules, paperwork (like sending a bill of $1.87 for my 20% of a lab test) is insanity in action.

Healthcare seems though a monster that cannot be destroyed without an outright nuclear blast. The people most adversely affected have the minimal voices.

Damn, this depresses me. I'd see someone about it, but the costs.....


Howdy Terry, trying to see if I remember how to comment from my known site to yours. I'm doin' my random commenting. I landed here via a link that serves up randomly selected ds106/western106 posts Your lucky/unlucky day.

I'm super glad you are in the mix, tossing media and wisdom, and even wrangling tweets. You got the Western attitude already!


Me and Super Joaquin

A wiggle gif of selfie with our most awesome Manos de Santos driver in Guadalajara-- Joaquin.


@rushaw Lemme know when you find that strategy!



Inspired by a tweet this morning ( it seemed like a media campaign needs to be born.

Viva los SPLOTS! http:?/


On Campus at University of Hawaii

1 min read

I made it today (meaning finding my way by car) to University of Hawaii at Manoa the setting for the TCC Conference

I even managed to get my car parked in the right place, and obtained the right permit. I sure hope they do not tow my Nissan 300ZX Turbo - this car just came out and I really am enjoying the performance of the 1996 model- aren't you jealous?


Wrap Me Some Rolls!

Introduced to some good local style Vietnamese food at Momma Pho (I think this is the right place?) With Curtis Ho, Bert and Mary Kimura, and Frank (sorry I missed last name). The Pho was Phenomenal.


Mr Microphone in Action @jozbfc

Jon Fulton animates his interest in top quality audio recording. Part if his You Show talk on audio storymaking


Blinkie #ds106 #dailycreate is an "eye selfie." Plural. And animated.

Today's is an "eye selfie". Plural. And animated.