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barks about and plays around with web stuff, has shots.


On Campus at University of Hawaii

1 min read

I made it today (meaning finding my way by car) to University of Hawaii at Manoa the setting for the TCC Conference

I even managed to get my car parked in the right place, and obtained the right permit. I sure hope they do not tow my Nissan 300ZX Turbo - this car just came out and I really am enjoying the performance of the 1996 model- aren't you jealous?


Four Days of Christmas

1 min read

Four Days of Christmas is a brilliant fictionalized bit of reality by @timmaughan (  based on his excursions to China to document how Christmas is made for us there. See his BBC Future story Yiwu: The Chinese city where Christmas is made and sold.

I remember when @savasavasava tweeted some of his footage from Yiwu, I made a little mashup putting it besides a 1932 Santas Workshop cartoon. All rather striking in the contrasts (much less whistling in Yiwu)


Klowning Around to Wordpress

1 min read

Woah, this ice is slippery! I don't know how to skate! Can I use an exclamation mark in every sentence, even a question?!

cc licensed (BY-SA) flickr photo by cogdogblog:

This, alas, is a second weakly veiled attempt to post to both my known site and maybe twitter too but specifically to the Dog Blog. Tim has tweaked some server things (the last time it posted to everywhere but known, which is kind of the point).



What is this Klown Doing?

1 min read

Ok, here I go. I am writing this as a Post in my known site

Do I have any other better content to use as a test case?

Maybe I will include a dog photo? Does this fit with the phrase of eating one's own dog food?

Odd bug, I cannot get the cursor past the photo in the known Editor w/o pressing a bunch o' returns. 

Because software. 

That's okay.

I am using the known plugin for Wordpress that Tim made. Ideally this would be some sort of authentication click thing rather than manual entering user name passwords.

But that's not the point. I wish to click the twitter and Wordpress buttons below to send out this post. See?

KNOWN... active!