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Things are going to start happening to me now. The Blogger.

Just in case you do not read the blog post ( here is the remix graphic I could not avoid making for it. It took a bit of photoshop mojo to extend the van a bit higher, leaving more room for the label on the truck.

All in a day's remix.


Keep in Reclaimin'

It's hip, man. Get with the movement. A riff (hopefully obvious) on the old Keep on Trucking bumper sticker. The back story is at


Enough is Enough

JetBlue is offering inflight MOOCs! Two industries disrupted for the price of none.

Hard to resist this play on the literary classic movie. All of the details, none of the snakes at


The Art of MOOCs

Stephen Downes might have a new book out. I took some liberty of re-making an existing book cover to make it his. Because topless.


Nanobots in Our Brains

Here I go again, MOOC mocking, all because of a tweet by Audrey Watters in response to a rather nutso (IMHO) Negroponte utterance.

The full details in all of its CogDogBlogged glory


The Googling Eye

Another mashup of an old movie poster inspired by a tweet, done for no productive reason except the sheer fun of it.

A full blogged writeup on how it was made


Who Ya Gonna Call?

"Got a mean angry man, in your database... Who ya gonna call?"



The Newest Apple Device To Change Everything

Yes, the Appletendo iGameBoy

(just testing known for GIF support, that was an old one done for



Nice! Dick Tracy went for the Pink Apple Watch!


Here's Looking at You Kid

Apparently Rhino Beetles are found just in Arizona ( A few years ago, I spotted this fella sitting next to the gas pump in Pine. And when I returned a week later, he was still on patrol.

I've been told they are rare, and that hungry students from ASU come up here to capture them, as they fetch $25 per bug for a collector.