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Abbey Never Follows

This pretty much sums up Edward Abbey. Is it @Edward_Abbey or @Edward__Abbey ??

Dead and tweeting from at least two accounts, you fine desert rat.


Jimi Jimi

Spotted a hologrammish Jimi poster and could not resist making a twitchy gif.


Replied to a post on :

A lot of resonance with Ben's reflections on presence online. This idea that online me is distinct from me me has always felt a false construct. I am me, period. Ironic too considering Ben's efforts with known to be dealing with questions of his online social presence.

So Ben is there a known to medium gizmo yet? And how do you get the comment thing at the bottom of your posts?


Things are going to start happening to me now. The Blogger.

Just in case you do not read the blog post ( here is the remix graphic I could not avoid making for it. It took a bit of photoshop mojo to extend the van a bit higher, leaving more room for the label on the truck.

All in a day's remix.


Four Days of Christmas

1 min read

Four Days of Christmas is a brilliant fictionalized bit of reality by @timmaughan (  based on his excursions to China to document how Christmas is made for us there. See his BBC Future story Yiwu: The Chinese city where Christmas is made and sold.

I remember when @savasavasava tweeted some of his footage from Yiwu, I made a little mashup putting it besides a 1932 Santas Workshop cartoon. All rather striking in the contrasts (much less whistling in Yiwu)


I'm hoping there will be a tumblr plugin for @withknown - it seems such a natch!


Trying to get more on the @withknown cycle on my silly mashups. Back posted a few classics (IMPB In My Puny Brain) from 2014 at


Keep in Reclaimin'

It's hip, man. Get with the movement. A riff (hopefully obvious) on the old Keep on Trucking bumper sticker. The back story is at


Enough is Enough

JetBlue is offering inflight MOOCs! Two industries disrupted for the price of none.

Hard to resist this play on the literary classic movie. All of the details, none of the snakes at


The Art of MOOCs

Stephen Downes might have a new book out. I took some liberty of re-making an existing book cover to make it his. Because topless.